On this website you can learn about mammals. You can upload image sequences from camera traps, view sequences and classify the animals you spot there. 

Here we suggest how you can start to use the site, where you can find out more information and ways to practise your skills. 

1 Find our user guides

Red squirrel

You can find useful "How To" articles on the Learn tab under Guides.

View the guides

2 Learn about animals


If you are new to mammals, you can learn about them on the the Learn tab under Guides.

Learn about animals

3 Create your account


Before you can use the Spotter, Trapper and Quiz areas of the site you need to have an account. 


4 Try a quiz

Fallow deer

Try out one of our quizzes - you could start with UK mammals. 

Test yourself

6 Browse our projects

Grey squirrel

On the Projects tab you can view the wide variety of MammalWeb projects.


5 Have a go at spotting


From the Spotter tab choose Classify All and have a look at some image sequences. Click on the species to classify.

How to classify

7 Set up a camera

Roe deer

If you have a camera, set it up and record some image sequences or videos.

How to set up a camera

8 Upload your images

Red deer

Use our Trapper tab to create a new site and upload your images.

How to upload images

9 Look at the map


Use our Discover tab to see where animals have been spotted.

View map

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